ITT I Pledge....

Mean Mr. Mustard

Always shouts out something obscene
Sep 30, 2004
....That for today, and the rest of the week, I will be nice to the 'nev. I was a little rough on the kid yesterday and feel I should make amends.
So, for the rest of the week I will be nice to him. I wont call him a fatass, or draw attention to the cellulite on his 4th chin, or that he has corn chip crumbs distributed evenly throughout his beard. Ill not once mention the difficulty he has squeezing through a simple doorframe or that he has to buy oversized clownpants and dye them to look like blue jeans. Ill not mention that his cholesterol count is 911 or that he has an uneaten slice of pizza stuck under his armpit.
So get it while the gettins good 'nev, this is your week.

*Offer void if smileynev pisses me off or if forget to take my medication
ChikkenNoodul said:
:heart: for the 'nev

Poor lil' guy must be huddled around the pile of burning bears to keep warm

See, this is where I would normally comment on his ability to keep warm with his extra layers of fur and blubber, but Im not gonna do that cuz Im being nice this week.
Drool-Boy said:
Since Im being nice, I wont question your sexuality and suggest that you use oral suction to evacuate my colon.
Have a good day, sir!

I laughed and barfed at the same time.