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ITT I fix any issues you have.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. If anyone notices something wrong, please let us know. :heart:

    (btw, the fixes come tomorrow, cause im going to bed.)
  2. Sticky paid for with his cute little :trashcan:
  3. Um
    The only problem I have right now is u not suckin my dorkage enuff big boy

  4. That must be a reoccuring problem. I'm getting the same error. :fly:
  5. How does one gain marklars? :(

  6. General forum useage

  7. ohhhh. that's cool :p
  8. how do you tell how many marklars you have?

  9. Ya it just builds slowly from posting and gaming and stuff.
    Dunno the specific numbers tho
  10. Store -> Richest members

    At least that's the only way I know of.
  11. oh sweet :D
  12. It's in your profile too.
  13. hay fly, the center pages in my current issue of "Porkhouse Monthly" are stuck together. Can u fix it?
  14. Yesh. Im done with mine. Here!

  15. and I suspect the pages of that one will be stuck together as well:mad:
  16. Not if the 'glue' is fresh

  17. I have a headache.

    Is there some sort of patch or service pack available?
  18. I have a hotfix. Please download it at

  19. Does he have to unzip it or does it already come unzipped?
  20. :fly: