GAY ITT: I explain to you why Kiki...


Bobbert Cheapstein
Oct 6, 2009
₥0 so bat shit crazy.

Her daddy fingered her butthole.

Is anyone shocked? Discuss.
fear_the_keekster: i had a childhood trauma
fear_the_keekster: but ive never been one to believe shit like ohhh my daddy fingered my asshole, thats why i snort 40 coke lines and sell my ass. i would be the 1st to say HEY! STOP USING THAT AS A CRUTCH, GET OVER IT
fear_the_keekster: but as it turns out, i was wrong
spiffdogxl: your dad fingered your asshole?
fear_the_keekster: dont tell

Carys and daddy have some competishunz!