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GAY ITT: I explain to you why Kiki...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Casper, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. so bat shit crazy.

    Her daddy fingered her butthole.

    Is anyone shocked? Discuss.
  2. I know waw is jealous of your dad.
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  3. Carys and daddy have some competishunz!
  4. bahahahahakjsdfklsdjfklj
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    o casper, u so silly

    edit - I rate this thread five buttholes
  6. But no trees involved?

    How vanilla.
  7. B+ thread. Would consider reading again depending what's on tv.
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  8. I am shocked.
  9. Not everyone is into erotic foliage.
  10. Know how I know we're soul mates?
  11. You can dust a ficus like no one else :drool:
  12. Fly is a certified dark mahogany arborist.
  13. This thread is only stating a well known fact.
  14. Did he do it with no hands?
  15. She begged for it but he has morals.
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  16. Casper, this is poor taste. I wouldn't expect more from you anyways.
  17. that wasn't your dad. that was me in a dad suit.
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  18. :lol: rep
  19. You loled.