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It's time for a little charity

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by wr3kt, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Over the past week or so, some of you know I've been sick. Well, I've gotten better and I've amassed a large amount of mucas in bags and already swathed in tissue for safe-keeping.
    In trying to keep with the generosity of this forum, I'm going to go ahead and donate this to any members who are mucas-deficient. With these mucas samples, you also get flu anti-bodies and dead and dying flu germs along with uncultured blood samples with pure anti-bodies from occasionally having a slight nose bleed from dry sinuses. In this time of lacking flu shots, this is a generous contribution on my part.

    I will be setting up an 800 number and manning them with small mexican kids that were caught smoking in school. You're not just helping yourself, you're helping them learn english.

    Godspeed and godbless.
  2. OMG :drool:

    Me first! Me first!! I want the best specimens all to myself!!!
  3. Thanks, but I got my own.
  4. GREAT

    I chose not to go with antibodics for this particular cold/lung infection I had. I figure id my body learns to fight it off, it will be stronger.
  5. I have you down for one order of an amalgalm sample mixed with mucas, saliva, crusted blood and some skin from my nose.


    Don't miss this opportunity.
  6. Yea, or you'll die.

  7. Shit!!!

    *frantically dials phone*
  8. You should have joined forces with april a few weeks ago. Have you SEEN the size of her nostrils???

  9. Does it make for a good lubricant?
  10. I hear she rivals moon craters.
  11. Of course!
    No crevice to dry!
    It also makes for a great basting for turkeys.
  12. Can I use it as a phone-sex line instead?
    But I'd rather not have little kids on the other end
  13. Shouldn't you be giving to the elderly and infirm first?
  14. MMM just in time for lunch
  15. I'll see if I can get in touch with Brad Pitt. He's been calling incessently for "a large package" and keeps wanting to talk to me. :rolleyes:
  16. They can dial just like anyone else.
  17. :lol: Ooooh shot down :p I'll remember that.
  18. Yeah, but they're napping now so they'll miss out!
  19. Yes...take it out on me...

  20. You can't keep secrets.