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Is there a song that never fails to make you...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. happy or sad? Anything ever reduced you to tears? :o

    Just wondering. :)
  2. There are a couple.

    One song in particular that reminds of a girl I was deeply in love with......... even after all these years, it still chokes me up when I hear it.

    And of course, Unchained Melody is always a good song.

    YOU?? :)
  3. Sweet Child Of Mine or Wish You Were Here - Incubus always cheers me up.
  4. Surfs Up - Beach Boys or ...And She Told Me To Leave - Lost Prophets make me sad.

  5. The first two make you sad?
  6. Come What May
    Tell Him
    I Surrender
    I Who Have Nothing

    always make me cry
  7. No those two always make me smile when I feel depressed, or any time actually. The netx post is what makes me sad. :)
  8. Gotcha, thanks! :)
  9. Pieces of me by ashlee simpson
  10. I'm not sure...if I'm sad enough, I'll find something in a happy song to make me cry. :o
  11. You Can Feel It All Over-Stevie Wonder

    Always make me smile :)
  12. Frank Zappa - Stick it Out always makes me happy
  13. That happens too. What's really weird, is that song I mention isn't really even sad in and of itself. It's just all of the memories tied to it. In fact, the more I think about it, there are quite a few songs off that same cd that kinda get to me.
  14. Off the topic but have you heard anything by Biffy Clyro?
  15. I find you shouldn't let emotions, morals or any other constraint get in the way of good music. :cool:
  16. Almost any song about love lasting forever or anything like that depresses me.

    "Believe" - Cher -- makes me feel a lot better after the above type of song threatens to get me down:)
  17. anything by zamfir, master of the pan flute, seems to put an extra hop in my step

  18. I've never heard of Biffy Clyro.
  19. Zamfir owns me :drool:

  20. I know, for the most part it doesn't bother me too much anymore. Just if I'm in a reminiscent sort of mood, I'll let the music take me back, and then it'll bug me. Otherwise, yeah, see the sig for future reference. :lol: