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Thread Is there a cheap/easy way to extend speakers around my house?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Over wi-fi or some sort of RF shit? Anybody have any experience with this? I don't need high quality or anything, prolly less than $100.

  2. Airport express, but it only works with itunes unless you use "airfoil" for mac. I'm sure they have something for windows that does the same thing. It uses wifi.
    Hell if you wanted mine I'd sell it for $50.
  3. Yeah, they have Airfoil for windows as well.

    I use a bunch of Airport Expresses around the house with Airfoil to send Sirius everywhere.
  4. It works well, I just use my PS3 for almost everything now.
  5. Yes, speaker cable. Haha.
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    Man home Audio can be such a beating in price. My stuff is lower end klipsch. I think it sonuds good but I've heard much better. Then again it was a 30k set of towers.
  7. you could book me for about $100/hour. i got mad audio.
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  8. :lol: :lol: REEEPPPPPP
  9. Is this for our lanai?!

    I've been yanking on Zac's chain telling him that it would be nice to watch football outside and grill. The weather is soooo nice!
  10. :hay:

    /miss you fux
  11. It's been a while. We do fooseball at our place on Sundays. Bring the car seat if you guys are available. :)
  12. Don't do it, Shal, it's a trap.
  13. I invite him all the time. He never comes. :(
  14. Learn to pull some cable you sally :p
  15. You gotta do more than invite. Try rubbing him.
  16. Yeah, fuck that. Tried it once through the attic. Not worth it++
  17. with the right tools it takes like 30 minutes.
  18. I didn't have a 6' drill bit handy, nor felt like cutting into the wall. fuckthat++

    edit: And cause of the slope of the roof, not sure I could have even got that bit up there.