Is it wrong to rape a cat?


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Nov 16, 2004
I hand raised a kitten for the vets office I work at, and of course I got very attatched to her. At the time my husband said I couldn't keep her. Then one day he finally gave in and said I could keep her. So I go to work with the intention of bringing her home that night and low and behold she had been adopted. I was happy for her, although very sad for myself. Well now its a few months later and I have decided the people who adopted her are unfit. They adopted 2 of our orphan cats. The male cat had already been nuetered, but still needed booster shots, which the owners never followed up on. Giblet, my little kitten was due to be spayed 2 months ago and has yet to been done. I feel it is my duty to go and repo the cats under the "you're a shitty owner clause of the contract."

Anyone got one of those blue overall jump suits and a pry bar?

Here's a few pics for content*

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ChikkenNoodul said:
Maybe they had the stuff done at another place?

If not, then yeah, you can repo
Nope they said they would be coming to our office for everything. If they went to another office the other office would have requested vaccine records.
Pandora said:
Aww! Kitten pics!! :heart:

I volunteered for a rescue group that had to do that a few times. Fortunatly they never had to use a crobar, although I heard there was usually a lot of crying involved. :)

Yeah, work, work, work today huh :lol:

Sometimes people's feelings get hurt when it's pointed out to them how big of jerks they're being. I've done some stuff similar to that and while gratifying on some level, it was never really all that pleasant.
Oh no, they're terrible owners. Absolutely terrible. I say you kill them and let the cats feast upon their lifeless corpses.
i'm thinking you should probably contact them and ask why that stuff hasn't been done first.
why_ask_why said:
my title changes were never lame:mad:
well maybe one or two...but that's out of hundreds! :)
yeah. one or two.

. . .
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why_ask_why said:
my title changes were never lame:mad:
well maybe one or two...but that's out of hundreds! :)


If its a lame thread title rape, its WAW!!!