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Is it weird

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by theacoustician, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. I'm already buying Christmas gifts. I should be all done soon. Is that freaky?
  2. I havent bought a single one yet
  3. I doubt I'll buy anything until after Thanksgiving
  4. I need to start my Christmas shopping.
  5. Not weird, just smart to plan ahead :)

    I've done some of my Christmas shopping, and have plans to make some more gifts for my kids, but still have a good bit more shopping to do.
  6. ugh, dealing with retail during xmas is too much of a pain.
  7. What are you getting me?
  8. i won't start shopping until december 20th.
  9. I'm with you, I started a couple of weeks ago
  10. Probably the same thing I got you last year :p
  11. I buy most everything online anyway
    I avoid general shopping areas like the plague during the holiday season
  12. do you purchase from "Egyptian Pharmacy"?
  13. It's not December 24th yet.
  14. :elfpenis:
  15. Dude, WalMart is open until 6am christmas morning

  16. I love people-watching, what can I say? :D

  17. Brilliant!

    That allows an entire extra day of procrastination!

  18. well, I wont again untill I heal up properly, I can tell ya that much
  19. oh wait, I thought we were talking about ferret molestation
  20. My mom has always done that. This year is gonna be a blast buying gifts for the little one.