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Is it just me?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by theacoustician, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. Or is that gothy chick in the front page ad kinda hot? Maybe if she got a little sun ...
  2. the one in the angstinol ad?
  3. yep, she looks like she could have a big rack hiding under that corset.
  4. ya shes hawt
    but she also looks like shed fuck your brains out and stab you to death as you sleep
  5. That's a chick?
  6. Ohhhh, okay - I hadn't seen that iteration yet! :p
  7. I saw a few pics on her... and they are naturally MASSIVE... insane.
  8. Neat. Although women in corsets are just :drool: in general.

    Edit : damnit, don't we have the :drool: smiley set, yet?
  9. I posted one in the thread.....

    I can work on getting 'em set up if I had access...

  10. You should see the meet we had in houston...
  11. What meet in Houston?

  12. I refreshed 25 times and still didn't see the ad :(
  13. That's because this thread is three months old.

  14. Freaking gravediggers.

  15. GG April
  16. hmmm.......... reminds me of the good old days; where's the mod/admin nation to put the smack down and say STOP BUMPING OLD THREADS PLZ

  17. This was before your time young whipper snapper.
  18. Your point? I still remember the ad that's being talked about :)

    Serious question for you (OMGAIM) how the hell are you doin' today April? :)

  19. Why don't you make a thread about it.
  20. gravedigging is when you have sex with [ADMIN EDIT]

    ... not when you bump an old thread