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Irrational Fears..

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Lynnakitty, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. .. I know many people who have strange fears. I for one can't stand spiders (irl not pictures). I'm also terrified of monkeys. I hate them. Even the cute little baby ones scare teh crap out of me. Maybe because of movies like Outbreak and 28 Days Later. But I can't stand monkeys..

    anyone else have irrational fears like that? If so what are they?

    Edit: my friend won't eat peanut butter because she's scared it'll get stuck to the roof of her mouth and will never come off.
  2. You.

    I'm convinced you are a man. Your posts cause me to break out into cold sweats.
  3. come here little boy.
  4. Roaches. That is it.
  5. I'm a little claustrophobic, I can't stand rats, and I think the worst one for me is, I absolutely refuse to swim in water that I can't see to the bottom of. Seeing JAWS at a young age definitely scarred me. Yes, scarred not scared.
  6. Haha yea my cousin won't swim at all because of that movie. Not even in swimming pools.
  7. :(

    I pooped my pants.
  8. clowns.

    as a child, at some kid's b-day party, the clown they hired took a heart attack, and was carried out by an ambulance. dozens of crying kiids. traumatic.

  9. Swimming pools, shallow rivers and a bit of wading in the ocean is about it for me......... and the killer of it is, I really do love to swim :(
  10. :lol:
    You should voice chat with us sometime.. :) I'd really scare you. I can burp like a guy, yet i sound like a girl
  11. I know lots of people who have fears of clowns. I was scared of them when I was little.. not so much anymore.
  12. Anyone splashing water up in my face when I'm in a pool, having a water fight with my kids, etc.
  13. I really dislike swimming in water that I can't see down in. I do it anyways because I love watersports. I just sit there freaked out while waiting for the boat to come pick me up.

  14. So you've probably never seen the movies VULGAR or GACY have you?
  15. I love swimming in lakes. The water doesn't sting my eyes like pool water does, and it doesn't taste like poo, like salt water.
    So it's a win / win place for me.

  16. I'm with you on that one- if I'm waterskiing or something like that, I know that I'm not in the water too long. Otherwise, I'm either in the boat or on the beach.
  17. I've seen Gacy. IT was scarier for me than it should have been too.
  18. BEEP BEEP!
  19. We all float down here Richie!!!
  20. And when you're down here with me, YOULL FLOAT TOO!