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Hawt Ireland to impose 90% tax on banker bonuses

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by OzSTEEZ, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Ballsy. Very ballsy
  2. just like everywhere else, the 'bonus' will be renamed & restructured to avoid the tax.

    and just like everywhere else, the gov't will give themselves pay raises while they continue their pursuit of other peoples money. . .
  3. Yep. We do that here now. Not a bonus, it's commission.
  4. we get paid the same way from virtually everyone.

    transaction sale
    transaction bonus

    hell, instead of calling it a bonus, the employee could just invoice their employer for the amount & call it anything they want.
  5. Yeah we were putting caps etc. on bankers bonuses too, until it got near the time and the cunt of the PM decided that he was stalling it another year AND letting Europe decide instead of taking the plunge himself. Gotta look out for the rich don't ya know!
  6. All TD's are taking a massive pay cut.

    The country is broke, mainly because of the banks. Their bonus' will be got, or they can be free to generate nothing somewhere else in Europe.

    Our corporate tax still remains at 12% - however. An attractive place to do business.
  7. what
  8. I know a banker for Goldman Sachs as well as RBS.

    They get commission. A bonus is entirely different. Commission is paid for good work or for taking new custom and business in. A bonus is to reaffirm that and to stop other banks headhunting staff.
  9. she used the political section of a newspaper for a blanket one night. it's safe to move along without reading her posts...
  10. Cameron unsurprisingly going back on his pledge to actually take money from bankers dear.
  11. What about baker bonuses?

    I'm thinking there's a LOOOOT of extra doughnuts that could be garnered by the State.
  12. i remember when a bakers dozen was 13.

    now it's six and a half :mad:
  13. Oh you still get 13, the other 6 and a half are insects though.
  14. Thats only when the other hobo beats you to the dumpster
  15. If you do that, then you can get 14 :drool:
  16. considering England has no industry anymore - what do you want him to do?

    you tax white collar jobs, they'll all leave, and what's there to pick up the economic baton?

    you can blame thatcher for that.
  17. Seriously, those guys are sitting on a lot of dough
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  18. Except it's kinda been proven that they don't just up and leave dear. (with regards to bankers, not rich rock stars etc) It's a great scare tactic that the government use to not tax their mates though.
  19. Tell that to Google, Xerox, Almac, Galen Pharmaceutical, Abbott Scientific, Microsoft, Genzyme Corporation, Pfizer Inc., Bristol Meyers Squibb and many of the other multinationals who relocated operations from England to Ireland when the coporation tax was lowered from 22% to 12%.

    If you're in charge of a company, why would you pay more? You're already on a geographical extreme, you're already on the timezone extreme, you're already paying enough tax...

    oh I'm replying to NME.
  20. "Except that it's kinda been proven..."

    You are an enormous tit.