Ontopic iPad weirdness? v. Downloading large files

Mr. Argumentor

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Sep 27, 2012
So, I use my iPad for textbooks and such. I use Dropbox to transfer the ebooks to the iPad. Recently Dropbox will get halfway through a d/l (app or website) then just stop and go to the home screen.

No error messages or anything, just cancels itself out.

Not sure if there is a size limit on downloads for the iPad or what, but as I said it is a recent development
try DLing from somewhere other than dropbox and see if the same problem occurs
I will mess with that when I get home. Reinstalled the DB app and thus far it is helping

Have you checked the available space you have left on your ipad? Maybe it's close to full.
Plenty of space, 4 gigs last I checked
Ok, now we got something else going on, it's not loading .pdf files, from what I can tell.
Uninstalled the widget, reinstalled, downloaded the 470Mb file with no problems, then when it opened it it crapped out and went to the main screen. Tried d/ling other files and got roughly the same, files came down fine (took a while) and then when it went to open it shitted itself.