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in this thread we drink

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by I.C.Water, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. i take it the party crew stepped out?
  2. cheers...on beer number 3 since 1pm...going to go out and meet some friends for a pitcher or two in a bit
  3. i'm on my 4th corona this hour, and i'm stoned. I'll gladly raise my glass to you sir.
  4. thats a pretty slow rate o drink mang :p
  5. a true original by I. C. Water

    I look forward to seeing vx.x - vx.x of this thread, all by I. C. Water.
    :heart: to the forum drunkard.
  6. yeah, I know...was waiting for it to get dark before I started going faster:p

  7. drunkard is in the word filter for thrawn at another forum :D
  8. this thread needs more drunks and drinking and pics :D
  9. maybe i should post more pics
  10. :eek:

    Thats the first pic of you that I've seen in which you weren't smiling. You always look so happy.
  11. I have no enough alcohols in the house to get drinked on.

  12. his beer was empty :(
  13. luckly i got 11 more in the fridge :D

  14. i have six cases of 22oz bottles sitting next to me :D
  15. 22oz bottles of what?

  16. beers
  17. no shit sherlock what kind of beer? :p

  18. ahahahhaha, waiting for that

    a beer i made. a nice amber ale, maybe 10% alcohol, 35 IBU.
  19. ah i wish i had room in this joint to brew beer :(