In the name of progress


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Oct 14, 2004
Progress is usually demonstrated by things getting bigger, smaller, or faster. Can anyone think of any examples where progress is demonstrated by something getting slower, besides death and decay? (e.g. us, food)
Slower breakdown of chemicals in a battery cell, leading to longer life, maybe?

When a group of researchers managed to slow down the speed of light with a degree of control over it, a year or two ago.

All I can think of offhand.
't'ain't homework LTS, just an exercise. Thanks for the answers, I was totally stumped.

If you're wondering where all this comes from it was out of a discussion I had with my gf about how all progress is of the nature of opposites. Big things getting smaller, small things getting bigger, slow things getting faster, fast things getting slower, etc. The latter had me stuck with only one example.
my progression towards orgasm when makin whoopie with teh ladies
fly said:
Doesn't that fall under death and decay?
that's probably the only thing that will prolong my staying power

and rigeur mortis is one way to ensure a woody that lasts longer than 20 seconds
BigDov said:
Who said anything about the woman's orgasm here?? I read that as him making like a stud and going for more than 30 seconds.

awww, you know me so well

have we had sex before? :eek:
Pandora said:
Longer orgasm is better no matter what the gender. :D

ask a pig about that one. The female's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes. And i believe the male get's stuck until she is finished.

Also just learned that the female bedbug has no reproductive opening. the male uses a curved 'penis' to drill a vagina into her for mating. :eek: