FYI In the market for a new Sony TV?


Oct 1, 2004
I dunno if any of you are in the market for a new TV, but I just saw a thread over at slickdeals about Sony replacing some of their rear projection TVs with brand new TVs FOR FREE due to issues with the optical block. They also let you keep the TV that they replace. Hmmm...

This got me thinking.

What if someone were to look on Craigslist for one of the affected models listed here:

I found a 50" in my area for $600!

Now, assuming that either TV has the problem or I can find a picture on the internet of that model that does, all I need to do is contact Sony via Facebook. Seriously, Facebook. They will either offer to replace the TV for free (only asking for the serial number sticker off the back of the TV) or offer a new TV and a ridiculously low rate.

So the end result, in theory, would be two 50" TVs for $600. For additional info, see the thread over at Slickdeals.