im unsure of my beer


Flaccid Member
Oct 13, 2004
just cant tell what i think of it :mad:
Coqui said:
*sigh* You make one of these threads every night.

Needs more content

dont go there i took the time to take a picture n stuff and i really was unsure of my beer and wanted imput :(
CletusJones said:
oh yeah, grolsch never sent me my "swing top opener" that they told me they would like 6 months ago. :(

fukkin a, they sent mine a few weeks ago. lemme go find, i'll take a pic. i honestly didnt think i'd get it.
Coqui said:
I guess the standpoint is that if we let one slide, more and more will come and then it will be nothing but spamfests everywhere.

this aint spam this is me drinkin and lookin for opinions of beer is that any less content or stranger than drool bustin his toilet? :p
CletusJones said:
Fucking sweet!

PIF maker's mark golfball. :heart: maker's mark.

i'm a scotch guy, bourbon can kiss my bare white bottom. you want the balls, gimme an address.