Thread I'm sure that Fly, Ape, and ODS will all be in favor of this.

It sounds like they can't qualify for the grant money any way so the point is moot.
It's also downtown NY. I don't think the government has to incentivize people to rebuild there. It's not like trying to rebuild in Bumfuck, Arkansas.
Hey look! Another shitty ditto head thread!

how was that plane ride? hope u guys made it there in one piece! i was worried.:eek:

So what? Lots of religious affiliated places apply for grants.

Not that I like religious places getting government money. They already get a tax break they do not deserve.
And this is the reason why there should be a scale at the ticket counters for the rider and then so charged accordingly.

says the "guy" who weighs 80 lbs. :fly:

all religion should be thrown into the bottom of the mariana trench or launched into the sun. it does nothing but divide, kill or molest and that's on a good day.
If they charge my luggage by weight for fuel considerations, why not passengers too?

This is what I am saying. When you walk up to the counter, they weigh what you are carrying on, what you are wearing, and what luggage you are checking and give a total limit. Have charges that have tiered factoring. If the total is 350lbs, the factor is 1X for the ticket. If 450lbs, the factor is 1.5X for example.

This would give a LOT of incentive to slim down and pack less.