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Hawt i'm here to kick bubblegum and chew ace

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Wessels, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. and i'll start with this whore

    I recently put dosbox on my psp and since i happened to keep a copy of all the games on our family's old old computer i still have the high scores... and thus have a chance to reclaim my honor
  2. wtf game is that? And LOL at ape beating you. YOU SUCK
  3. looks like duke nukem
  5. :lol: why's it say that in the link?
  6. to be fair, was he even born when it came out?
  7. it says "redirected from" when you click it, son.
  8. ok so i'm in the computer lab and am the suxor at non ergonomic keyboards... and yes i was alive when it was released, though not old enough to know wtf a video game was
  9. I've been playing through NES Roms again on my phone. Currently I'm playing Metal Storm.
  10. i've been going crazy on the psp with emulation. recently played through metal gear solid, almost done with final fantasy vii, halfway through shadowrun on the snes.
  11. The Metal Gear series is like the only thing I miss about my PS3.
  12. it's the only reason i ever wanted a ps3... but i can't fathom buying a console for one game :(
  13. :lol: Margarita was my Spanish name in middle school.
  14. I thought it was "El Penor Giganto"
  15. I was competitive back then too.

    LOL@ our sis not making the high scored list.
  16. i assumed jbm was jimmy, but had no idea of a margarita ever being on our computer
  17. Ilu.
  18. oh and captain comic

  19. Ya that's right. I barely remember that. :lol:

    Aww memories.

    Do you have Wolfenstein or doom stuff?