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Ontopic I'm done. (Ha ha, goodbye thread)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. It honestly saddens me what this place has become, and I have no interest in trying to find entertainment here during my work day any longer. For months I've secretly monitored UF, hoping things would get better, they didn't. A week ago I stopped by hoping a gaming thread might help but things are obviously too far gone.

    The same rules that helped to create a peaceful atmosphere, and a real feeling of friendship on this forum, are now being exploited by people who initially came here as part of a planned forum invasion. Their stubbornness, lack of class, and ignorance towards other's religions, relationships, and situations have made posting a chore for the people who have been active for years now.

    Congratulations trolls, mission accomplished, you've won.
  2. If you had been monitoring things around here, you might have noticed that things really aren't how they were before.


    Can't please everyone, but blinders are a bitch to see through.

    You'll be missed.
  3.'s OK to troll and make threads knowing full well that's not innocent intentions....but others do it to you and it's not OK.

  4. your point?

  6. on the internetz?

    no wayz!!!

    it's not uh-loud!
  7. You were supposed to take the blue pill :(
  8. And if the erection last more than 6 hours, contact a doctor.
  9. planned forum invasion?
  10. or a porn producer
  11. Thankfully I get to see you in other online medias. :heart:

    You block me, you die.
  12. lol @ invading a forum with 3 people.
  13. ya, he pulled the pin, launched the shit grenade and ran off to colorado to pretend to knock up some chick.

    well played mikey
  14. It was all to cover his escape.

  15. This thread gets one, ONE shartstar! AH AH AHHHH!

  16. So the rest of the people are all just dupes then?

  17. i bet his old roommate isn't even out a few grand, it was all part of the scheme.
  18. the rest? lol!
  19. The best way to get away with robbery is to blow something up to cover your escape.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.