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FYI I'm at the Toyota service center. No pics

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. 35,000 mile maintenance. Tailgate lock is broken. Air suspension is fucked.

    I can't wait for the guy to come tell me the ass end of the trucks up in the air and the suspension is locked because they reset the system and the sensors are fucked so it has no idea which way is up.

    5 years old with 35,500 miles on it :rolleyes:

    Brb, going to the jet blue terminal at jfk
  2. You should've driven it more.

    Maybe just prop the steering wheel and let it idle around your cul-de-sac for a while.
  3. Driverless donuts
  4. Your truck is suspended in the air?
  5. Automatic ride height adjustment
  6. Tmz is blocked on the free wifi here :fly:
  7. air bag suspension never works out well for longevity
  8. Sure doesn't. Next vehicle will not have it. Likely a Tahoe
  9. Toyota sent me some recall notice, and all it was, was for them to put some sticker on the door frame about the load capacity.
  10. Time to scale back a bit, Fatty McLardass.
  11. they're basically giant rubber condoms full of air. you were lucky to get 5 years
  12. You could probably make your own with 6 mil drum liners and duct tape.
  13. Get an FJ.
  14. You're driving it the wrong way.

    /Steve Jobs
  15. Fuck no.
  16. Air suspension checked out. The noise I hear is apparently normal.

    Nothing wrong with the lock, it's my key. It's visibly worn versus the spare key.
  17. gonna trade it in for a tahoe? :p
  18. Thats the plan. Going to wait till after the wedding.

    Gonna check out the Fiesta too though :p
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  20. Too much fun, huh?