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i'm all alone on the forum

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by I.C.Water, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. time to trash this place
  2. It's football time what did you expect?
  3. Can you get drunk yet? fucking PIF alcohol
  4. :.016K:


    didnt you have a goatse thread earlier in the week already?
  5. yea

  6. just checkin. i'm old, memories not what it used to be.

  7. Football?

    The Astros won their game tonight.

    That should make W_A_W pretty happy.
  8. I have noticed a distinct lack of 100% saturation by goatse here.......and I don't mind it in the least
  9. I'm with you.......
  10. That makes three of us
  11. Although I'm dangerously close to teh bandwagon I'm gonna have to agree aswell.

    I'm very happy about the overall maturity compared to other forums here. Bit lacking in the posting department though so far :)

  12. We get most of our posting done during the week, but alas, it's the weekend so we are on break from procrastinating in our jobs. And I'm sure things will pick up once people decide to stop visiting the [M] altogether and staying on here full time instead.
  13. I don't think too many people will abandon [M]. But the :24k:/idiot problem there continues to grow, and they'll have to do something about it eventually.
  14. It's too late to do anything now IMHO. But I'll still keep going there. But then again I said the same thing when genmay started... oh well :p
  15. Very little of the stupidity is true stupidity; most of the retardedness found comes from the idiot bandwagon, which seems to have picked up many of the new members.
  16. Show me them boobies, baby....:D
  17. who me? :D
  18. Ya, you! :cool:

  19. i dunno last time i took a shirtless pic there where many requests to never do it again :( :p