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I'll be MIA for a week

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Tonight (3am) I'm going to Italy for a tour round the South of it, will take lots of pics etc.

    Who's going to miss me?

    lol, first post, no, rly.
  2. hay who let yuo in here?
  3. Miss you?
    Who the fuck let you in?

    I'll miss you.
  4. You just got here, and you're going AWOL already??? :lol:

    Nice to see you here anyway :)
  5. You act surprised, am I not kewl enough for your gang? :(

  6. i never liked you
  7. Planned in advance, I'm not willingly leaving. Might be cool to look at old things...I guess...but what did the Romans ever do for us?
  8. You've been on my ignore ever since you had the name KylesKawk, but I'm sure you're a nice person deep, deep down.
  9. Have fun. Try to keep the encompassing darkness that is your empty rotting soul from ruining the trip. :)
  10. DEEP down, like maybe six feet under.
  11. I sense that post had a cryptic meaning, I shall try to enjoy myself if you think it wise.
  12. Well then when he's dead and gone we can remember him as a kind-hearted free spirit. ;)
  13. No. but you can stay. :heart:
  14. Thanks for the blessing Don Corleone.
  15. Better than a horse's head beside you when you wake up.
  16. Oh, we'll remember him all right...
  17. You'll love it! Have a great time :D
  18. Well that really does depend on your state of mind. I'm pretty sure that's a weekly occurance in the Sleeman household.
  19. Weather's not great I hear, have you been before? :)
  20. The other end usually ends up in bed.