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If you were being haunted...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. ...what would your ghost look like, act like, and/or sound like.

    I have a feeling that my spectral companion would consist of an amalgum of different small animals and animal parts from pigs, horses, rats, dogs, etc. And they would neigh, brey, screetch, chitter, and make various other noises in painful anguish.
  2. mine would be one of those chain-clanking annoying ones that always moves my stuff around so I can't find it. I'm pretty sure I'm being haunted already- I'm always losing stuff. :(
  3. I'm more likely to end up being a ghost, haunting someone else :(
  4. Mind would be made out of cds that failed during the burning process. If would go around breaking stuff. LIke my hopes and dreams.
  5. My ghost would be the kind that remains largely unseen, yet visible out of the corner of your eye every now and then. Constantly trailing behind me, moving objects, giving me the chills, and making me hear voices when other people are around.

    I fear it's planning on sending me down the stairs
  6. kick him in the nuts
  7. Soooo basically a regular day for you...
  8. A ghost with a hot chick body...and a guys face.
  9. I thin he's Amish, they don't have those
  10. Yar, pretty much that
  11. All the things that you ate eh?
  12. all encased in one delicious food item.
  13. Make sausage out of it. Or better yet, a spectral cheddarwurst?!
  14. So you'd be haunted by a hot dog?
  15. By a hot dog's former lives.
  16. Holy shit, a giant spectral cheddarwurst.

    The ectoplasm something like that could leave would be staggering
  17. Lips and assholes?

    Holy shit, it's elpmis!
  18. hopefully a hot chick so I could get raped by it.

    actually it would probably be my doppleganger. that would be hell. on earth.