I wish I had some scallops


A Taste Of Honey Fluff Boy
Mar 28, 2005
I don't have either of them. And most likely will never read them.

I definitely recommend WWZ, even though girls traditionally couldn't care less about such a "lame boy thing" as zombies. It's not a zombie novel, per se, but more of a realistic collection of brief short stories or memoirs, some several pages in length, some only a couple. It was pieced together by an unnamed person who travelled around the world 12 years after the human race regained its footing to listen to numerous survivors give their first hand accounts of what they experienced. It makes for a very interesting, very fluid read. Their accounts are just long enough to give emotional, ominous detail and just short enough to leave you wanting closure when they abrubtly end. It was the perfect approach to a saturated horror subgenre.