I was think about makin' some uf tshirts.


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Nov 19, 2004
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I was thinkin' about makin' some uf tshirts.

I have the screenprinting stuff. I just need a design and some shirts. any interested in having one? I was thinkin' about buying some really cheap new shirts or going to goodwill and getting some. what are you guys thoughts?

edit: I can prolly get some nice new Fruit o' the loom shirts for $2 or so a piece for white and $3 for colors.
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SpangeMonkee said:
not really quickly.

t-shirt size. it also has to be a b&w image (not greyscale). I'll work up something in the next couple of days, but some input or images would be cool too.

10" x 18"?
April23 said:
Do you need any money to start this up?

no yet, i'd have to figure out quantity of each size and what-not. I'll do it for cost and shipping. so it'll prolly cost everyone that wants one about $5.

wr3kt said:
10" x 18"?

300 dpi at least. but i'd prefer vector. i can convert it to halftones easily enough even if it is greyscale or color. I'm NOT gonna do a 4 color process. I'll do one color on one tshirt. but I can order several different color shirts.

anyone that has any ideas should post them and we can all vote on what we like. I plan to make them in the next couple of weeks.

this is the place that I'll prolly order the tshirts from.
Simple like. . .

UselessForums.com in large font
then under it some catchy funny phrase that goes along with the site.
Boredom attempt in flash.