I want to be a sexy mailman...



...you know, the kind that the women greet at the door with their robes half open. yeah, that would rock so much.
Drool-Boy said:
Its easy to be a mailman
Youre gonna have to work pretty hard at the sexy part tho
My wife thinks...
My wife says...

Drool-Boy said:
he has potential if hes brushes the cookie crumbs outta his beard and washes the cake off of his hands
I scratched out a piece of white fuzz out of the beard today. I really need to shave.
Ya, I've seen a couple features before where the gals practically waiting with an open mouth for the mailman/UPS guy to show up....... I really need to think about a career change
sexy mailmen don't exist. its the uniform there is nothing to work with.