FYI I want a fscking WHOPPER or do I want to fsck a WHOPPER??


Nov 16, 2010
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ok so its allllllllllmost been 6 months since i left north america..
there arent a ton of things i miss to be honest with you...well maybe a hot bubble bath, but thats about it...
life here is super simple with no frills and i like it that way.

except this morning i woke up with this horrid feeling... I WANT A FUCKING DOUBLE WHOPPER WITH CHEESE, EXTRA MAYO, HEAVY ONIONS & TOMATOES WITH NO LETTUCE! :mad:


Just typing that out made me drool/orgasm all over my keyboard.
i havent had bacon in 6 months either.. not even a burger...
wtf am i going to do? i feel like going on a burger king mission. HALP
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chicaronnes = bacon
burger you can make yourself outta any ground llama you find by the road.

I would like some ceviche myself.

mother fucking LOL!!!

actually chicharrones is more like chunks of deep fried pork.. and THEY call it bacon...
its not like canadian bacon.

but you just gave me a new craving. ceviche. waaaaaay healthier and found at every effin corner of the city.