I sucked Ronald McDonald

Drool-Boy said:
Shit negro, I roll with one of these in my wallet:

What did I miss with this Olive Garden thing?
Theac and I started using the Oilve Garden Bathroom reference with eachother alot when this was released by Penny-Arcade a few years ago.

elpmis said:
I love it when the grill men start to spit in the burgers and you have to discipline them :lol:

At what point do they come back with AK47 and shoot up the place?
ceiling fly said:
What did I miss with this Olive Garden thing?

Knyte uses it too make fun of the "cool guys", the ones that graduated high school but still act like they are still there and whatever "popular" status they had as the captain of the footbal team still matters. When making fun of them he's always saying "Man, if I could hang out with him we'd go to the Olive Garden" and things similar.
Theac and I use it in direct reference to sucking dick in the olive garde bathroom in order to raise funds for whatever you might need cash for. Video games, crack, hookers, guns, etc.