I need help with my brother's computer. :(

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Oct 13, 2004
So my brother's computer doesn't let him start up. He gets this error:
"the procedure entry point SH create thread res could not be located in the dynamic link library shlwapi.dll"

and all he can see is his wallpaper. He can't even go on safe mode. It's way more than I know about computers and I dont know how to help him. :(

I don't want him to get behind on his work and papers. Is there anything I can do? :(
reinstall windows. I hope he has everything backed up, just in case.
long tall smiley said:
reinstall windows. I hope he has everything backed up, just in case.
i think this is his best bet, sadly
Findakáno said:
1) Put the HHD into another computer as a slave.
2) Back up
3) Put the HHD into original computer.
4) Format/Reinstall OS

that would require me to bring my computer home with me. im at school right now :(
if he has the disks right now then he can try to do a repair install. Heres how to do that.

Boot up from the cd and let it completely load. hit enter to install the os. let it find the os and hit continue at this point it should show the partitions and then offer an option to press R to to a automated repair. try that. Make sure its automated or all you will get is the dos prompt. and its not the first R option.

On 2k its similar except around the beginning it has R for repair and C for console. again you want the automated, and not the console. Hopefully this will save you from having to make a trip home.