I miss all the good stuff...

ChikkenNoodul said:
I serve shaved hippie on top of my salads all the time :wtf:
huh, I've always had them diced and lightly roasted

I'll have to try shaved next time :p
ChikkenNoodul said:
I have a 50 gallon drum with holes cut like a cheese shredder set in a spindle on it's side with a gravity feed chute. With the gear reducer on the crank handle I can shave like 5 every half hour.

That sounds quite efficent
I assume they go into an alcohol bath afterwards to remove the years of funk on them?
ChikkenNoodul said:
Of course, the alcohol runoff is collected and boiled under pressure with cedar chips for future marketing as a perfume for hippies.

Essence of Hippie, eau de toilette, by Yves Saint ChickenNoodul