Video I made another instructional safety video for guns, tell me what you think!

I just need to know so I never get suckered into trying.

There are a lot of rounds out there that can give a helluva kick. It can also depend on how the round is loaded. I've seen some .45's loaded hot that kick more than a .50AE.. Kyle just has to remember how easy your access to him is when he's asleep.
I remember the first time I shot a black powder rifle, my dad had put in a little too much gun powder and it shot a 4ft flame out of the barrel, threw me backwards off my feet, and left me with a hell of a bruised shoulder. If I hadn't had it snug and didn't lean into it it would have broken a bone or two. I still have no desire to try to shoot a muzzle loader from a deer stand. The only way I'd hit the deer is if the gun threw me out of the tree on to one. I need to go see my redneck dad sometime soon. He said he just got a few new guns he wanted to show me. I'm not into deer hunting, bass fishing, or nascar so I'm the black sheep of the family. I like to fish but I have relative that fish before going to work and those nuts have to be at work at 7am.
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Poor chick. Those douchebags should have taught her to hold a rifle properly..

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