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I know I said I wasn't going to post here, but I need help.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. I am cooking some grandious meal for a friend of mine and I want to impress. What food items should I include in the menu?

    I was thinking of doing a shish kabob with pork and chicken that was marinated and peppers and Vidalia onions with a dipping sauce for a bit of it.

    But what kind of sauce?

    Then maybe a salad to start with. Any ideas on a dressing or will just EVOO work drizzled on?

    Hmm, maybe a a sliced ribeye steak with baked red potatoes drizzled with EVOO and seasoned.

    Damn it! Anyone have any ideas?

    I want many things in the menu, like an appetizer or salad, main course, something else, and maybe a dessert. Too bad desserts take too long to make (like a day and a half) :(

  2. what's EVOO? :o
  3. omg that sounds so good.... i want in

    edit: why is it that certain guys of certain lifestyles can cook better than every woman in my life (sans my mommy and grandmommy)
  4. What about a nice Caesar salad to start, a pork tentderloin roast with some borsen potatoes and fresh green beans, then you could end it with some fresh sorbet. Since the pork roast will have such a strong taste, you can even get away with a red wine if you like, perhaps something like s zinfandel or cab.

    The sorbet is super easy to make as well, i've got this braun ice cream thing, you put the bowl in the freezer for like 2 days, then pour your stuff in there, turn it on and forget about it. It's done in like 30 minutes and it's delicious. You can also do it with a food processor in about 3 minutes. You make up the mixture, leaving out some (about 2/3) of the liquid (because you will already have frozen that 2/3 of the liquid) and freeze the fruit. Then put all the liquids and frozen stuff in the food processor, pulse it a few times and you've got sorbet.
  5. i'm not gay and i cook awesome when I want to. Most of the time it's just baked chicken and stuff, but when it's time to impress....
  6. shut up, we both know you're gay and you love a good goo locker now and then
  7. I'm coming to your place. You're making me dinner. Then I'm stealing your wife.
  8. hehe, nicely put :p
  9. why thank you! :heart:

    now make me dinner, woman! :mad:
  10. I can't really cook :p

    I can bake you a cake though? :o
  11. omg good enough :drool:
  12. i'll cook for just about anyone, so come on over. Since i'll be going to all this trouble, I expect "something" in return.

    also, i have no wife, i live alone. :fly:
  13. you must be my gf's long lost twin.

    gf's cooking = :meh:
    gf's baking = :drool:
  14. omg can i come? campus food sucks :(
  15. doh i thought you and bigdov were both married with children

    edit: ok, I'm coming on over.... I'll bring my gamecube... is that good enough payment?
  17. yes you can, but i have certain expectations about how the night will end.
    after we're done playing twister, you can go see FN, he's about an hour away from me.

    married? no way! actually, me and the gf just got done with a huge fight about marriage and kids and stuff. I'm nowhere near ready for that, she agrees, but... well, anyway we got in a huge fight about it.

    If you bring the gamecube and wear a cuet little maid costume, then yes it will be good enough. :drool:
  18. damn... poor guy! well did you have makeup sex?

    maid costume, eh? how about i bring a short stick and I whack you on the back of the head a few times? :D :heart:

    zelda on the GC >*
  19. not as yet, we're working up to the makeup sex. it'll be better if we let the tension build a little more. it'll be like a "sex explosion."

    Leave the stick at home, but be sure to bring some rope. Asphysixation sex = :drool:

    I'm not really into video games, I prefer to play on the PC over the intarwebnet. I like to shoot people.
  20. Im makin' myself a sammich :drool:
    my cullinary skills are sooo advanced.