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I just want to know how it works

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. I was in bed last night thinking about career changes and I got to thinking how cool it would be to spend time in certain industries and learn about how the backroom operations work etc. just for curiosities sake. One such job I thought of would be in the postal service, how quickly can things get transported, how much do they work overnight, how does everything get round properly etc? Would be pretty rad to know the inner workings. I guess that's why I like documentaries based on anything, because you get to learn the insides of operations.

    Any other ideas for neato jobs like this?
  2. this is why modern marvels is awesome. pretty sure they did an episode on the post office once

    global logistics is fascinating to watch

    train operations is also really cool to see the workings behind

    please pretend i said something about your living situation, im tired
  3. I did think trains would be cool. Airport bagaging too.

    Also yah, house is warm and lovely thanks for asking.
  4. I thought of trains because I'm at a train station right now

    I want to go home and sleep because I've been up all night

    did you know dr ruth was a sniper?
  5. Who the hells Dr Ruth?
  6. Or Engrish?
  7. I wanted to know how a collection agency works and now I do. :waw:
  8. Also after reading up on her for about 2 seconds I'm not surprised seeing as Hitler killed her parents.
  9. Aren't you englihtened?

    Working inside a hospital is pretty mad crazy, you learn all sorts of things. Working in the bowling alley was cool, that old bowling pin machinery is fucking HUGE and scary.
  10. famous sex psychologist

    she never killed anyone but she was apparently a spectacular shot and good with hand grenades too
  11. fuck collection agencies. I'd rather pay extra on the debt than give those snakes a penny
  12. Nice. Psycho psychologist. Bet she was nuts in the sack.
  13. Little known fact. Those are requirements for being good at sex.
  14. Hand grenade action eh? :hi2u:
  15. Good luck with that.
  16. Insert picture of Dr. Ruth with a dildo on her chin.
  17. You work for a collection agency?

  18. I've negotiated with creditors before, told them I'd pay in full but only to them, fuck the collection agency. They accepted. Collection agency tried to pursue, filed fraudulent blah blah on credit report because the debt was paid, and it got cleared.

    Just gotta be willing to fight it.
  19. That's how I roll.

    7 seconds and then boom it's done.
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