I....... hurt myself today.......


Erect Member
Oct 14, 2004
close to Seattle
Guys, you know how most every morning you wake up and the soldier's at attention? Well, today was no different for me, the alarm went off, and in my rush to shut the local dj's up, I kind of rolled over weird and got a bit of a kink in the little guy........ you know, right about at a 45 degree angle or so. It didn't stay like that, thankfully, but those few seconds it was bent, pure agony......

It still hurts. :(

no pics

no shens

And in anticipation- :fly: :egads: :elfpenis: :sucky: :blah:
Sleeman said:
AAHHAHAHHA you think he fuckin gets sex? AHHAHAH

Have you seen his wife? :drool:
Oh, wait. You're talking about smiley. Got it.
BigDov said:
Dude, put yourself in my shoes....... :( And don't let Sleeman get you down; retaliate!!!

I might want to be in your wife, but not your shoes...


long tall smiley said:
pics of wife?

A pic: