I havent even been a member for 24 hrs...

I.C.Water said:
howdy is that really you? i thought burger said you would not be joining us
Yeah tis me.
theac has been bugging me to join for awhile. He caught me in a moment of weakness last night, and alas I ended up a member here.
Mr. Furlong said:
I didn't even think about the double meaning of your name until after I requested it :fly:
Yeah thanks for that btw-
Good thing I couldnt even go 24 hours without people finding out who I was. Oh well you were the one who wanted to hide me from this forum :lol:
Pandora said:
Yup no heartboxer luvn for us. :( You get it all.
yeah its true. Although you could join us?
Although I have to put up with the bobblehead. You guys have it easy.

Speaking of which, I need some matching heart booty shorts for valentines day but Im having troubles finding some...