I have seen the advanced image search


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Oct 14, 2004
Here's a weird one. I was just looking for the advanced image search on google. Not just the regular advanced image search, but the super duper categorical one. Turns out it doesn't exist. I only dreamed it up last night.

I wonder if it would work.

It was sort of directory style, but rather than a true directory, requiring millions of man hours of people surfing the web and sticking links to images under the appropriate heading, it used a series of keyword cross indexes to generate a "propability based directory". Each image listed under a specific heading had a good chance that it fit there, but there were some that didn't really belong.

Though not 100% effective, it reduced the need for users to try their own various combination of keywords to get what they are looking for.

Too bad it's not real.

edit: maybe we should incorporate something like this into our front page. who wants to code it?
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