I have failed


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Oct 14, 2004
I am a failure. I could have added so much great content to the forum this weekend, but no one wants to hear stories without pics. No one wants to hear that I was at the Breeder's Cup unless I can show you photographic evidence of how close I was to the horsies as they came charging by. No one is going to believe I picked the trifecta in the Breeders' Cup Classic unless I can show you a photo of the ticket. Who wouldn't then absolutely demand proof when I describe how good my tickets to the Cowboys game were yesterday? You'd want to see a photo of the back of the Cowboys heads from just 14 rows back straddling the 50 yard line.

I am no good to the forum, because my camera was in the car during the races, and I couldn't retrieve it from the driver that day in time for the game. :(
Just do some pics in MS Paint and talk about how you fantazied about having an entire horses cock up your ass and I'll give you good rep
wow, I really envy you. I was supposed to go the breeders this year but nothing worked out.

I will be there next year for sure. I just didn't get my tickets in time this year. I always get them free, but getting to the race itself is hard.
Jonny_B said:
I am a failure. :(

There have been 2 separate threads recently about gf breakups, and neither thread have provided pics of said females.

I believe that as of this moment, neither thread starter have been castrated because of this oversight.

I think you'd be okay with your thread without pics.
I'm not allowed to give Kevlar any more reputation, so I gave wrekt some instead.
You DO suck. :mad:

I wanted to go to the Breeder's Cup. I've been to Lone Star twice this fall and at least a dozen times this past spring. I've given them many hundreds of dollars of my not-so-hard-earned monies (I suck at teh handicapping). They owed me good tickets, but nooooo. All I could scrape up were shit seats in one of the corners and they didn't have enough seats together for my friends.

I did place a bet via friend on the classic and another race, but I lost both exactas. :(

I had to settle with listening to Norm call the races.