FYI I have been a bad boy & been USELESS & away.

Kill Me Plz

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Aug 4, 2010
So apparently I have to bang my noggin on the keyboard & beg forgiveness.

Hows everyone doing ? Whats new people ?
Due to my having my wisdom teeth removed. I have made arrangements for Gretchen Wieners to deal with the Oral Sexual gratification part of this deal.

Also ... due to a wrist sprain I recently obtained while falling from a helicopter, I am unable to spank anyone. Can I interest you in a flogging from a man who does this for a living in Singapore ? He's good at his craft. :D
:lol: i know you got some pain killers... so PM where we can meet.
im thinking @ the corner of Jane and Finch Ave. (pack some heat just in case)

I wouldn't be caught dead at the corner of Jane & Finch ... oh wait. Maybe I would.:cool:

Wouldn't ya rather meet me downtown ? At the CNE ? We can get buzzed & ride some cool rides till we spew. Candy apples & candy floss & the FOOD Building Free bees are on me !
i'll be high on some meds cuz of the nasty ass amount of ppl, but ok. lets meet at the whack-a-mole. Best game ever

Oh ... you don't know they changed that game ? Its now whack-a-politician.

Or whack-a-hobo=homeless-person. They use real PEOPLE. LULZ ! ;)
Gretchen ... where was ya ? I was waiting for you at the CNE midway. I had lotsa Corn Dogs & nomables for us. And beer I got from freaky Labor Day Union guys who were so drunk & disorderly. :D
omg i was at the fantastic corn-on-da-cob stand inhailing these by the dozen.
dipped in delishuz extra fattening butter


OH MY GODDDDDDDD ... :eek: I be drrroooolin. :drool:

'' CORNNNNNNs ! ''