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I Have a Blister and It Dried To My Sock

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. ...Please help me...
  2. post pics or shens

  4. and use fire to burn it off

    seriously warm water and hydrogen peroxide should loosed it up enough for removal.
  5. soak it in salt water and itll come off
  6. pics of blister?
  7. That's gotta suck.
    Salivate all over it.
  8. Get your sock off your penis.
  10. I'd say this calls for a Houston meet.
  11. Use the other foot for bracing against the bedpost next time
  12. fixed for phonetics. :D
  13. She can't brace when she's tied up.
  14. :heart:

    +5 cool points for you sir
  15. Possibility
  16. You aren't even going to pretend to set a good example, are you?
  17. Hydrogen Peroxide is not my friend. Thank you for the honest reply.
  18. Maybe a little butter too???

  19. b7!
  20. If I do that, I might just get hungry and eat it.