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I hate real life dumbasses

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. So I go to the hardware store to buy a specific too.
    I need one of those long, straight allen keys (10mm) with a 3/8ths socket adapter attatched to it so I can use it on a torque wrench.
    I go down the aisle that has that kinda shit on it, and I dont see it right away. Here comes the guy that works there, so I ask him where they are exactly.
    He proceeds to tell me there is no such thing.
    I told him I have a drawer full of them in my toolbox at home, I just need one for work.
    He cleverly responds with :confused:
    I guess its too much to ask that someone knows their fucking job these days:rolleyes:

  2. ID 10 T tool
  3. I shoulda just kicked the fucker in the sack then maybe he wouldnt be able to annoy anyone else for the rest of the day
  4. Best Buy doesn't carry tools, noob.
  5. I usually stick to the "secret shopper" line.

    "I work corporate for ______, your job knowledge is low and I will have to speak to your supe about termination for being below standards."

    ... then kick them in the balls.
  6. Rule number 1. NEVER ASK THE $5 ASSOCIATES ANYTHING. wtf were you thinking???
  7. I generally look for the lesbians that work at the hardware store, they're guaranteed to know where all the shit is.
  8. he came over and asked if I needed help, and I didnt see the bit I needed:mad:

    They were just out of it,btw, the little pegs they go on were empty:mad:
  9. I always act like I have some awful communicable disease to keep store salespeople away from me.

    I hate dealing with people, if I could buy everything online with same-day shipping that'd be great.

    Those self-checkout things that are making inroads into stores are almost as good.
  10. I hate those goddamn things
    I always seem to get the one item in the store thats not in the system, or if Im buying beer, the meatsack at the podium that has to approve the sale has wandered off and is picking his nose in a corner somewhere:mad:
  11. Where do they sell beer and have a self checkout?
  12. Ah, I've learned which items need to go through the normal lanes.

    And fortunately the little girls that handle the approvals hang around like vultures.
  13. Shaw's and BJ's up here in NH.
  14. Grocery stores u penis
  15. Drool, you could use a few more smilies in your post, bro
  16. They sell beer at grocerie stores?
  17. In most civilized states.
  18. Maybe not in 'frontier' states like MN
  19. In places not designated as a 3rd world country, yes