I hate being sick.


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Oct 15, 2004
Seriously, I feel like shit.
Last friday I wake up with a sore throat and congestion. I stock up on OJ and apples, bannanas, some pears, and some tylenol flu PM. All weekend I'm blowing my brains out into tissues.
I avoid all that throat crap by actively not sniffeling and swallowing. That sounds wrong, but anyways, I've avoided bad coughing at least from that, but I'm still waking up every hour or so during the night and have to fight that one-nostril is clogged and the other is dry from being breathed through too much, so I blow it out and roll onto my other side so the nostril-plugging switches sides.
I thought I was better my monday, but then I run out of kleenex and TP, before I go to bed. I wake up many times with no place to get rid of the building crap in my nose. I try to get up so I can go downstairs but the room starts spinning and I feel like I'm just breathing in sickness, so I lay down and let it all build up. "Wake up" in the morning, go to the shower and proceed to blow buckets of mucas out my nose and coughing up even more crap. Yay, I feel like complete shit again. Got a little better during the day...was feeling ok yesterday...and then I go to bed last night.
You know how sometimes you're dreaming...and then you sort of wake up, but you're in a waking dream? Well that's what happend. Apparently I was in some sort of crazy environment and my sheets were some sort of maze thing I couldn't get out of until I kicked them off. And I had to keep kicking them or I'd get caught in the maze again...and then somehow my dream switches to being in army training and I start kicking more and moving around restlessly.
I finally really wake up and feel that I have to piss. Stumble into the bathroom, lift up the lid, and try to pee...and nothing...oh sure, it still feels like my bladder is full, it's not, but my mind is telling me I have to piss. It wears off and I flush the urine that didn't really come out and stumble back to bed.
I pull my sheet over me and leave the comforter at my feet, I fall back asleep and proceed to dream about the army training again, except this time we're running circles down a hallway in a skating rink place. We're all running these circles and making jokes with our commander, I don't remember what, but I feel I'm cold, wake up, and get the comforter over me.
I wake up around 9 or so and start moving my legs which feel like dead weight. I roll back over and try to sleep, but it's more a dozing until about 11 and I can't stand lying in bed anymore with my body feeling like shit. I feel like I'm covered in hot sickness. Get up, slowly go down the stairs holding for dear life onto the hand rail and get to the shower. I feel a little better afterwards, go back upstairs, get some shorts and shirt on and go back downstairs. Get some honey nut cheerios, though I don't feel hungry. Force myself to eat even though every part of my body is saying it's not hungry.
And here I am writing this ungodly long post.

My body hates me. It feels like shit and I just want to lay down but I'm going to be wrestless from my feeling so bad.

On a brighter note, I saw the "cheer up grace thread" and it reminded me of a vagina, so my mind's not completely shot anymore than normal.
BigDov said:
Won't your mommy take care of you?

She tried to make me feel bad because I didn't go get a flu shot and that this is what happens. :p

But, sorta, she got me OJ, kleenex, fruit, etc...she's at work right now.
F33nX said:
if you're sick later i'll read you a bedtime story so you can sleep tonight

Just drug me so I don't wake up anymore during the night.
Hook up a vaccuum to my nose after you do so I don't have to worry about choking on mucas.
wr3kt said:
She tried to make me feel bad because I didn't go get a flu shot and that this is what happens. :p

But, sorta, she got me OJ, kleenex, fruit, etc...she's at work right now.

I got a flu shot once, and was easily as sick as you are now :(

Get well soon man
BigDov said:
I got a flu shot once, and was easily as sick as you are now :(

Get well soon man

Yea...that's the thing, the few times I hav gotten a flu shot, I got really really sick, more so than now.

That's why I hate them.
I dunno...maybe it's just all in my head. Luckily I'm blowing it all out, so maybe I'll get better soon.
dreamwalker said:
Not weird at all, if that's what you want do it. You probably need fluids more than food right now anyway.

Sadly that's true....actually....I should go fill up this big fucking mug thing with water...I just have to go so far down the stairs.

If I fall and die on the way down, it's your fault.
fly said:

I was trying to be nice.

And what the hell...you're the one that wanted to cuddle.