WTF I had dinner with the unubomber's cousin, Stan


Oct 1, 2004
He seemed to be a very cool, level headed dude.

He and Ted we're both raised by their grandmothers from birth. Later on, both of their houses we're foreclosed on and it seems that's when their hatred of technology and government began. At around age 12, both of their grandmothers were stricken with shingles and committed suicide. It was at that point that they became wards of the State and met each other again in a foster home.

He said that Ted was still a fun loving kid, but preferred Lincoln logs to Legos. Stan relayed a really funny story about his youth. One time, one of the other foster kids brought home a Teddy Ruxpin to sleep with. In the middle of the night, Ted lynched it outside on a tree. This began the process of the two of them moving from foster home to foster home. As the anal rape in foster homes continued, they both suck into a deep depression.

I'm bored. Then I shot him.

Here are his last known pics and vids