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WTF I don't think this was "priority service"

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. psh, not possible. everyone says usps is perfect and ups/fedex sucks.
  2. Jesus Christ. So is that the contents staining the cardboard? I see a partial "Fragile" printed on the box.
  3. I've never had any problems with them. sucks for you. are the contents completely fucked like one would imagine looking at that box?
  4. Wow. It's a shame waw has never experienced this. I guess fleshlights are shipped mainly UPS/Fedex.
  5. never had a fleshlight. if I buy one can I stick it in your butt and try it out?
  6. I've had this happen with UPS & FedEx
  7. That is not an ideal situation for me.
  8. How can you not tell us what was in the box? Seems like something that is required at this point. I'm surprised it took so long to reach you, not surprised it was so badly damaged. Did the sender purchase insurance?
  9. 'Twas beer.
  10. Was an awardwinning beer from a friend of ours in Chicago.
  11. Apparently the carrier tried two times in June but our office but decided not to accept it for some reason. Afterward we were notified to come pick it up at the post office. They claim it was lost in the carrier's truck someplace for all that time.
  12. Updated the photo album with pics of what we opened. Apparently there were three bottles but it appears only the homebrew was "damaged". The other bottles were intact with contents sealed, but the caps were starting to rust because of being wrapped in a soggy padding for 7+ months.
  13. Never had a USPS package lost either, had a few damaged ones though.

    Always have issues with UPS screwing up deliveries.

    Company I worked for once had an extremely important package on that Fedex plane that crashed like 14 years ago, we got it a week late, water-stained but mostly intact. :lol:
  14. If I stick a fleshlight in to a girl's butt and then fuck the fleshlight, am I having anal sex?

    The answer to this question could have dire consequences!
  15. DId that package coincide with the filming of Cast Away?
  16. :lol: I never thought of that, I think that came later, and this was a minor crash - on the runway I think.
  17. Well since you're not allowed to ship alcohol via USPS it's karma.
  18. it wasn't alcohol. It was decorative glassware with contents intact, meant to be sealed as collector items. No serious chim was going to wax coat some of it and save it as a finely aged beverage.
  19. Yes and those water pipes they sell at the mall are for tobacco.