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I did it again, new flAshlight!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by I Robert I, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. I tried this on another forum and didn't get much of a responce. Thought I'd try it here to see how flamed I'll get :D

    Yeah yeah, I know I'm fucking insane... But I got some extra money a month ago and felt like spending it on something completely pointless. So I dropped $160 for a new flashlight :D

    It's the grey one in the middle. The top one is a standard MiniMag for size comparison (most people have handled one ot those). The black one is my earler purchase, the Nuwai QuantumIII

    Mmmmm Surefire L4 Digital Lumamax :drool:
  2. Just a quick snap showing my SureFire vs. the minimag :) Please note that the minimag was running on fully charged NiMh batteries which provide a slightly lower voltage than standard alkalines. So it's a wee bit dimmer than on standard batteries. On the other hand the L4 will run at full brightness as long as there's enough voltage to feed the regulation circuit kekeke.

    Specs taken straight from the official page:
    • Battery - Two lithium 123A 3.0 Volt with 10-year shelf life (included)
    • Output/Runtime - Maximum output of 65 lumens for one hour, then lower output for over 1.5 hours. Total runtime 2.5+ hours.
    • Construction - CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminum. Hard anodized finish for extreme corrosion and wear-resistance. O-ring sealed, Pyrex® lens, removable steel pocket clip
    • Length and weight (with batteries) - 5.1 inches / 3.4 ounces
    • Flawless beam, no dark spots or rings
    • LEDs available in white
    • Patented lock-out tailcap feature allows the light to be locked in the off position to prevent unintentional activation during storage or transportation
    • Weatherproof and lightweight
    • No Hassle Lifetime Guarantee: If it breaks, we fix it!
    • Available in: Type III Hard Anodized

    Next I need to get myself a couple of Pila cells and a charger to feed this monster :D

    (awaits titlerape...)
  3. you could have bought beer and hookers with that money
  4. I don't drink and chicks will flock around my great beam of light. They will... right? Please?

  5. :drool: i want that gorgeous flashlight
  6. I want a fleshlight
  7. Hay , I have one just like that!
    the blue one I mean, I wouldnt spend 160 on a flashlight:p
  8. $160 on a flashlight seems a little excessive to me but to each their own I guess.

    next time you feel like making a frivelous purchase, PIF to me instead.
  9. I know. If one of you guys posted a similar thread I'd think you were insane. But the thing is I've been wanting a SureFire light for several years, when opportunity knocked I couldn't resist (got free shipping for the light, which shouldn't be sold outside the US to begin with IIRC).
  10. they can't sell them outside of the US because the rest of the world knows they're a ripoff.
  11. You might be on to something there... But they have a lifetime warranty. "If it brakes we'll fix it", which is kinda nice :)
  12. that flashlight gives bj's, right? right???
  13. I'd still rather buy a bunch of snickers bars, they're gauranteed to satisfy. With a flashlight like that, you never know.
  14. I have bought a Streamlight Scorpion flashlight for the first day of deer season. When you are stumbling about in the dark at o-dark-thirty in the morning


    The bulb is Xenon gas filled bi-pin.

    Streamlight Scorpion Flashlight
    • 6,500 candlepower tactical flashlight
    • Variable spot to flood focus
    • Includes two lithium batteries and spare bulb
    • The lens is an unbreakable polycarbonate
    • Only 4.9 inches in length
    • Weighs only 4.4 ounces with batteries
  15. If I was on mars, fighting zombies, I'd totally want one of those taped to my shotgun.
  16. Or you could just get one fully mounted to it instead. Complete with pressure switch ;)


    Good choice on the Streamlight there. Good quality.
  17. Too bad those are b7 on Mars.
    Something to do with the planetary charter.
  18. Ah yes, quite right. Forgot about that little snag. You could possibly smuggle it in on one of those chainsaw shipments though.

  19. Good call.
    I wonder if they make a chainsaw mounted version...
  20. i still think this would read better as New fleshlight