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I can't get a live stream to work.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. I'm trying to listen to my favorite radio station ( online. But I can't get the stream to work. I'm using there any weird option that I can tinker with so I can hear it? :(
  2. you sure you don't have to download their player? some radio stations are like that...

  3. Try it in IE and see if that works
  4. I just need windows media player...and i have that. :(

  5. Latest version?
  6. yes sir :)
  7. Has it ever worked on that pc?
  8. yes...when i was home and using MYIE2
  9. Have you tried it with myie2?

  10. I reformatted a couple weeks ago, I made the switch to Firefox then. So I haven't downloaded myie2.
  11. You can try Media Player Classic. I use Ace's Mega CoDecS Pack and it sets Media Player Classic as the default media player. Plus it will play Real media and Quitime in MPC.

  12. oh, do not mess with ace. bad, bad things can happen to machines that allready have appropiate codec installed. more is not better.

    Since its a clear channel site, I recall them calling a player with a popup, therefore you may want to disable popups and see what develops. also right click on the link get the address and just manually run it in windows media player.
  13. I have never had a problem with Ace although I know some people who have. If they do have problems the uninstall will put thier system back to the way things were before Ace was installed. I've never seen blow up Windows so it need to be re-installed.

  14. started working
  15. I know. You're welcome.

    BTW, you really should close some of your ports.


  16. wait what?? :(