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I am so sick of incompetence

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Fat Burger, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. So our file server goes down today. I noticed the problem, went into the server room, and saw the server rebooting. So I tell the network admin, and he goes of to (I thought) work on it. 10 minutes later I'm done letting other employees know, like the good helpdesk monkey I am, and I go to find him and get an update. I finally spot him having a pleasant chat with one of the project managers. I ask him if he was working on the file server, and he says "Oh, I thought you said it was rebooting" :tard:

    The file server had an error and was waiting for someone to tell it whether or not to rebuild the system array. Good going, chief! It's not like the entire company uses that server constantly throughout the day or anything :tard:
  2. As a network admin, I'm disgusted.
    As a forum member, LOL internet.
  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I know it's not funny to you because it impacts your work, but that dude sounds like a real idiot :tard:
  4. but, if you told him it was rebooting, how could he have assumed there was an error?
  5. I know lots of competent network admins. He's simply not one of them.
  6. If somebody told me one of my servers was rebooting itself I would go take a look no matter what.
  7. If I said "I saw your car close to a cliff, but I think it was rolling away from it", wouldn't you want to go check on the car?
  8. QFT. it's like we were seperated at birth we think so alike.
  9. Especially when it's basically the single most important server in the building.
  10. Yeah it sounds like it.
  11. wow
    lots of work angst going around today:p
  12. well, yeah, but if you just get told "its rebooting" dont you think, yeah, i should check on it, but its taking care of itself so no hurry?
  13. true.dat.

    common sense says that you should go look at it, but i think you should have told him about the error.
  14. :fly:
  15. i'm happy at work today, i'm leaving in an hour and 15 mins. :D
  16. The more thay make things idiot-proof, the better they make the idiots.
  17. No way man. If the server is rebooting without me initiating it then something isn't right and I need to see what going on right away.
  18. The error wasn't there yet when I looked at the server. The server had just started to POST, the error came up just after I left.
  19. Ahh...

    I dunno. the admin guy is still a :tard: but you should have watched the server to see what the cause of the reboot was before going to tell him. That way you could have given him all the facts.
  20. When I supported ~300 NT and OS/2 servers, my response to something like that would be "So?" :p