How well do you know U.S. geography

blast you, Deleware!

<edit> 92%,
Avg. error: 20 miles</edit>
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NeedMoreEmo said:
58% 317 miles.

I got most of them in the right area, but I dont have the whole map memorised do I didnt know exactly. :)
c'mon! even the canadians did better than that.

PS: i'm still waiting on my chocolate
NeedMoreEmo said:
:lol: Im sure most Brits would only know FL, CA and NY jerk.

PS: Im still waiting on my secret santa address.
it's ok, most of us don't know the difference between Great Britain, the United Kingdom, England, Wales, and the British Isles

just funny people with bad teeth that talk weird :D
94% 16 miles

Fuck New England

And I never realized how ugly Wyoming was.