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Thread How much do you spend a week/month on groceries?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by King Wickie, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. It's the boxes of snacks that are the worst for me. I never considered getting like hamburger helper and stuff though so maybe if I went that route I'd spend less but then I'd have to eat hamburger helper. My grocery cart usually consists of raw meats, fruits and veggies (fresh canned and frozen) milk, yogurts, cheese, bread and then pantry staples as needed and snacks periodically if on sale.
  2. Oh and cereal. That is my one weak point cause some mornings I'm just not in the mood to cook. We are trying to do the low to no sugar varieties though.
  3. And apparently our fruits and veggies are cheaper regularly than other places.
  4. :lol:

    I don't know how much we spend because I'm a terrible budgeter. Also we buy rice, potatoes, dries beans, lentils, etc in bulk so it's hard to know. We buy a LOT of fresh fruit and vegetables, potatoes, root vegetables, mostly at produce stands and Farmer's markets, but some at the grocery or Whole Foods, Trader Joes. We buy in season and local as much as possible; we're lucky to live in a place with a long growing season. Also buy frozen fruit and vegetables.

    As far as organic, I usually get the Dirty Dozen produce organic if possible, and don't worry as much about stuff like citrus that we are going to peel anyway. Oh, we also get a big box of organic vegetables/fruits delivered every Tuesday from a local organic farm ($55 a week for that). I buy expensive bread (Ezekials or Rudis usually), but I try to figure value for nutrition, and it is all sprouted, healthy and delishuzzzz. We also eat out probably once a week, usually not too $$, something like falafels, Thai food, or burritos.

    I get whichever plant milk is on sale, faves are vanilla almond, and cashew is best in cereal. Tofu is a staple, usually get it at Trader Joes or at the Asian market where I get the rice, but is in grocery stores as well.

    We could eat a lot more cheaply, but I don't like to skimp on food.
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  5. I have an indian market around the corner and their spices & veggies are dirt cheap. Their rice isn't cheaper though. . .
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  6. My mom did this when I was growing up. I'd do anything to spend the night with friends just so I could have Frosted Flakes or Captain Crunch for breakfast!
  7. For me it depends on the time of the year. We do a large portion at the farmers market in the summer and freeze a lot for fall. We also buy fresh and local non processed so we tend to go to the story every other day.
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  8. No clue how much we pay. I do a lot of cooking from scratch and the dry ingredients (flour, grains, etc) are bought in bulk. I even freaking make noodles from scratch sometimes. We buy produce every week or so. As y'all know I don't do a lot of meat cooking and don't really care if the chicken is frozen or not after trying both ways so that's bulk purchased too.

    We buy a few things like pretzels and goldfish for my son for snacks - again in bulk. Damn you Costco for making it hard to keep track.
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  9. Does the hubby make drum sets out of the giant sized mano jars you get from Costco?
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  10. Eww gross. I haven't bought mayo in like years as I never put it on anything I make at home.

    but he might out of the pretzel containers :rolleyes:
  11. In Waltham I lived a block from little India. I used to go grocery shopping then I'd get flustered and end up Indian female shopping.
    Got me in a world of global trouble.
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  12. $100-200/month, 2 people
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  13. @King Wickie

    I'll pay you my monthly chow budget if you post video of you getting your teeth kicked in, you retarded sperge queen.
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  14. Whoa whoa. What the heck, Walt? I hate this thread as much as you do but there's no need for histrionics.
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  15. Why don't you have a job?
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  16. I do, a damn good one. Im a multi-tasker, and a damn good one.
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  17. Please clean the keyboard when you're done..
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  18. @nukes is a great multi-tasker.
    Not only can he drive a cab and simultaneously annoy people on the internet, but he also serves as captain of the FBK badminton team. No one looks better in a white sweater and short shorts.
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  19. Hmm, more yin than yang our nukes baba.
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  20. Ask strings I'm just like this in real life.
    While we were on the phone, I held up the "NCs most wanted" newsletter for the gas station clerk and asked him "do I really look like this pic?"
    THIS is why I usually keep my mouth shut in public.
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