How many y'all beaches been aroused?

most likely

This phrase bothers me
Youre scrutinizing and punishing someone for something they might do.

I'm not so sure, man.

You're punishing them for what they've already done in a way that deters further abusive behavior. Non-abusers don't have to wear GPS trackers.
I've got no problems with this. None what so ever. If you're going to be a douchebag of this extreme nature, then giving your victim a GPS notification when you are near is more than fair. Bitching about losing ones rights when you are doing even worse to someone else falls on deaf ears to me.
most likely

This phrase bothers me
Youre scrutinizing and punishing someone for something they might do.
It would sort of depend on how they determined that the offenders needed to be monitored and such.
I agree. But so is the psychological damage of living in fear.
I'm not disagreeing with you.
If the loose statistics cited in that article are correct, the approach is very compelling.
I'm curious to know the measures they used to screen for those most likely to commit murder, as they are only targeting certain abusers.

Especially considering that the article reports that's it's a difficult thing to differentiate, so who is to say that methodology is sound?
dont worry, theyll be sued in a jiffy and have to defund the program, negating any good it may have done.
I'm not so sure dude. Mass is a pretty strong nanny-state, they have a history of doing stuff along these lines
I dislike the nanny state.

However I believe this is a decent project. It's not like they're strapping GPS devices on people all willy nilly; they are past offenders who pose a genuine threat.

IMHO it's the biggest bully logic. Everyone's a badass until someone bigger shows up. In this case that's govt.
Gender equality!

An ex-gf I had was in an abusive relationship, and was stalked by her ex when she left him. He'd park across the street from her apartment for hours, and if I walked out to confront him, he'd drive off before I got the chance. He'd call her from payphones and hang up. He'd leave notes in the door when she was gone. She had a restraining order against him but he didn't obey it, and the few times he got caught, they didn't do anything other than say "don't do that" or slap further restrictions on him which he'd break anyway.

It's impossible to live any kind of normal life when you're in that kind of situation. She didn't sleep, constantly stressed, constant fear... I'd put the rights of a person to not live that life 100% above the rights of a stalker to not wear a fucking ankle bracelet.