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How did I get these reputation points???

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Nyx, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Latest Reputation Received --- 2024 points total :wtf:

    Yesterday I had 20 some points, I think 22 or 23. What happened??? Has to be some kind of mistake, how could the number jump 2000 points overnight???
  2. Check your userCP and find out.
  3. I want rep points :heart: :cry:
  4. It only shows three items that weren't there the last time I checked, and one of those is a negative :confused:
  5. I gave you a postive one a while back..... it was the only way i could show my love
  6. Hmm...I'm still a bit fuzzy on reputation. Might ask fly.
  7. Someone with a really high rep gave you a rep point. There's a bug in the system that if someone with an extremely high rep votes for you once, you're pretty much pegged out. That need to be fixed so that 1 vote = 1 point all the time.
  8. Hmmmm. I figured there had to be some kind of mistake, my rep couldn't possibly be that great :fly:

    Thank you, now my curiosity is satisfied :)
  9. Yes...delicious consequences too. :)
  10. :heart:
  11. hmm i got jack
  12. I gave dreamwalker and shockthemonkey good rep, so maybe I did it.

    Sorry, I don't know the power of my own rep. :(
  13. yeah, I really fucked over someone accidently doing that last week.
  14. Guess your rep is so great that it just spills over on the rest of us :cool:
  15. That was awfully funny :fly:
  16. :heart: you sweetie!

    :heart: you pookie!

    it's ok, a man like you should have all the power in the world! :p
  17. awesome. you are so popular. :)
  18. I highly doubt that I'm very popular right now :fly:

    It was a mistake, which was what I thought when I saw it.

    It's nice to see more of you posting now, maybe you were posting more at the old forum than I thought but I was just missing it in the shuffle :)
  20. i'm in and out! :cool: :D